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Estimated value without VAT 5 791 000 MDL
Period of clarifications: 7 Jul 2021, 8:41 - 19 Jul 2021, 12:00
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2004, MOLDOVA, mun.Chişinău, locality, str. Bucuriei 12a
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Drăgălin Cristian
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7 Jul 2021, 8:41
Estimated value (without VAT)
5 791 000 MDL
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Open tender
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2004, MOLDOVA, mun.Chişinău, Chisinau, mun. Chișinău, str. Bucuriei 12a
Contract period
2 Aug 2021 03:00 - 15 Dec 2021 02:00
List of positions
Lucrări de întreținere periodică a drumurilor publice naționale cu îmbrăcăminte rutieră din macadam amplasate teritorial în raioanele Călărași, Strășeni, Ungheni CPV: 45200000-9 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
Quantity: 1.0
Unit of measurement: Bucata
Documents of the procurement procedure
Documente licitatie lucrari macadam Călărași, Strășeni, Ungheni
Bidding Documents
Documentația de licitație
7.07.21 08:41
Anunț de participare macadam Călărași, Strășeni, Ungheni
Bidding Documents
Anunț de participare
7.07.21 08:41
Caiet de sarcini macadam Călărași, Strășeni, Ungheni
Technical Specifications
Caiet de sarcini
7.07.21 08:41
DUAE macadam Călărași, Strășeni, Ungheni
Bidding Documents
7.07.21 08:41

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Normalized price: 4 720 953,66 MDL
Status: Winner
Reason: Demers 06-22/5354 din 13.08.2021
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Documents provided with the proposal
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SA Drumuri Straseni

Normalized price: 5 282 103,43 MDL
Status: Pending
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Normalized price: 5 392 330,18 MDL
Status: Pending

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